Wellcome to Manuel Gámez's private playingcards collection!
This collection began long time ago, with the Europa's deck that was given to M. Gámez by his wife Berta Mejías. In this site you will find all the playingcards that M. Gámez has collected since then. The collection now includes 4083 decks and it is on continuous expansion.

The playingcards have been classified by their country of origin in order to facilate the search. All new acquisitions will be published periodically.

It is not the wish of Mr. Gámez to sell any of his playnigcards. All the contrary, if you have a deck that doesn't appear in this web, and if you want to contribute to his collection by free giving or selling, please contact us. Furthermore, you can consult our SPARE LIST in order to swap playingcards.

Thanks a lot for your visit. We hope, you enjoy this web!